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At RM Genetics, we’re dedicated to providing our customers with clear, comprehensive reporting, covering toxicology, cancer genomics, and pharmacogenomics. We offer fast turnarounds to give you the results you need, exactly when you need them. Our reports are in-depth, but always easy to understand, and our experts are on hand with outstanding customer service at all times. We’re here to help you every step of the way!

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Advanced Testing, Advanced Treatment
Full Spectrum Testing
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At the heart of every human being is DNA- and while we’re only just beginning to unravel its mysteries, DNA holds the answers to the biggest healthcare challenges we face today. That’s why RM Genetics is committed to unlocking those solutions, every day. Not only do we make progress, but we inspire others to take up the challenge, too, helping to bring about a better world sooner. Plus, our work lets us put people at the forefront of all that we do- and we think that’s the most rewarding part of healthcare.

The Power of Precision Medicine

With an estimated 80% of Americans currently on at least one type of medication, pharmacogenetic testing is more essential than ever. Doctors and patients alike understand just how important it is to make a fully informed decision before taking new medications, since the more different prescriptions you take, the higher the risk of an adverse reaction. In fact, around 100,000 people die every single year due to these adverse drug reactions, and it costs the healthcare industry an additional $4 billion dealing with the side effects. That’s why RM Genetics provide such a comprehensive testing process- to help keep patients safe and healthy.

No need to take time out of your day to drive to an out-of-town lab to provide a sample. Instead, you can collect the sample at home yourself, and pop it in the post.

Accurate Lab Results

We work with some of the leading labs in the U.S., and they are all fully CLIA-certified. That means the most accurate results around!

Detailed Explanations
+ Actionable Insights

Our easy-to-read results tell you exactly what they test has found, and how it may be affecting your health. The information we provide is clear yet in-depth, and we also offer links to additional info so that you can make the right choices for a healthy lifestyle.

Rock Solid Science

While our tests are much easier to collect than standard lab tests, they still provide the same accurate, reliable results.

What's In Your Kit

Each kit contains everything you need to collect and send your sample- all tailored to the unique requirements of each test.

Own Your Health, Every
Step Of The Way

We’ll send you your results via our secure online platform, to make it easy to share them with your family and physician to decide the best route forward.

Clinical Testing

Cancer genomics

Cancer genomics testing involves carefully checking the patient’s DNA for any mutations known to be linked to a hereditary risk of various types of cancer. Our comprehensive report then indicates just how at risk the patient is of developing these hereditary cancers. That information is vital to physicians, who can use it to create a personalized course of therapy around the individual patient’s needs.


This innovative genetic testing creates a profile of the patient, which doctors can then use to determine how their body will respond to various medications and treatments.

Insightful Results

Our powerful platform gives you access to all the results you need, whenever you need them. As well as unpacking what your results mean, we also provide advice on how you can live a healthier lifestyle for a healthier body.
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At RM Genetics, we strive to work with health providers and facilities to help them offer personalized medical care to their patients and residents. We provide complete program management and support that allows healthcare providers the ability to offer optimal patient care with no inconveniences or added operational requirements. Our Pharmacogenomic testing programs are customized to the patient and resident treatment types and are covered by Medicare and other Health Insurance providers.

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