How it works

Don't you have enough to worry about?

Step 1
Fill out our test kit form

Once you’ve filled out the form, our agents will call you to help decide what test kit is right for you.

Step 2
Mail in your kit

Once you’ve received your kit, take the sample and then mail the completed kit to our lab. There, our technicians will perform a detailed analysis to uncover any results which might require medical care. In some rare cases we may need you to bring the kit to your doctor, but only under exceptional circumstances.

Step 3

Once your DNA has been fully analyzed, we’ll then send you the results to review with your doctor.

What can genetic testing do for me?

Better health begins at the most basic level: your DNA. Understanding this with genetic testing will help you to get the healthcare that you need.
Understand and manage hereditary conditions

Receiving a genetic diagnosis helps doctors to spot and treat issues which might be a problem in the future, and deliver the most effective treatment options.

Uncover the cause of unexplained symptoms

Genetic testing can reveal the root cause of symptoms which might otherwise have been hidden, confirm your current treatment plan, or even identify new, more effective treatments.

Identify disease-causing genetic variants

As well as putting your own healthcare in a new light, our testing can also help to lessen the risk of your relatives from suffering genetic conditions, and treat the problem as early as possible.

Genetic conditions sometimes go undiagnosed

Like other health conditions, symptoms of genetic conditions can be unclear. Many genetic conditions are uncommon or difficult to diagnose. Genetic testing can provide a diagnosis when other methods are inconclusive
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At RM Genetics, we strive to work with health providers and facilities to help them offer personalized medical care to their patients and residents. We provide complete program management and support that allows healthcare providers the ability to offer optimal patient care with no inconveniences or added operational requirements. Our Pharmacogenomic testing programs are customized to the patient and resident treatment types and are covered by Medicare and other Health Insurance providers.

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