Genetic conditions sometimes go undiagnosed

Genetic testing can provide important answers

Cancer Genomics.


Cancer genomics testing analyzes mutations in a patient’s DNA known to be associated with an increased risk of hereditary cancer. We provide a comprehensive report indicating a patient’s potential susceptibility to various hereditary cancers. This testing uses the latest next generation sequencing technology to analyze patient samples in a rapid and accurate fashion.This information helps guide a clinician’s route of personalized therapy dependent on the specific genomic mutation and associated cancer. Currently, we offer the analysis of thirty seven (37) genes covering eighteen (18) different cancers.

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RM Genetics is a leader in the field of pharmacogenomics testing and is pleased to offer our pharmacogenomics diagnostic services. This genetic testing profile provides information on the connection between a patient’s unique genetic makeup and their response to certain cardiology, pain and psychiatry medications.

For example, certain genetic mutations cause either higher or lower rates of metabolism for known drugs. RM's Comprehensive PGX Profile also includes genetic-metabolic relationships for antifungal, antiemetic, acid disorder, immunosupressant and urinary incontinence medications. Risk factors for thrombophilia, hyperhomocysteinemia and dyslipidemia are also tested. All pharmacogenetic patient samples are handled with the greatest care by highly trained scientists in our state-of-the-art facility. Our detailed but easy to read reports will ensure you treat your patients with the most up to date information. Trust RM for your pharmacogenomic testing needs. Our testing screens the following impacted medications, genes, and cardiology risk factors:

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The more you know the better able you are to protect the ones you love.

Pharmacogenomics / Cancer Genomics
Why test?

According to the U.S. FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION (FDA): “More than 125,000 Americans die each year from adverse drug reactions, which are unwanted or dangerous effects caused by a drug”

With the advent of pharmacogenomic DNA testing it became increasingly clear that many patients take drugs that won’t work for them, leaving them at risk.

Treatment Tailored to Your DNA

With knowledge of your genetic makeup, treatments can be tailored uniquely to you. Pharmacogenetic testing empowers you to be an advocate for your own health. Testing provides information about how people with your genotype commonly respond to prescribed medications. Our test report details how your body metabolizes medications and suggests alternative prescriptions when increased sensitivity or reduced response is likely. This means you and your doctor can tailor your treatment plan uniquely to you.

The FDA has also stated: “Pharmacogenomics (DNA tests that test for how drugs effect individuals) can play an important role in identifying responders and non-responders to medications, avoiding adverse events, and optimizing drug dose”

Move Beyond Trial and Error

Finding the medication that works best for you shouldn’t be a guessing game. Traditional medicine employs a trial and error approach, but pharmacogenetic testing offers specific guidance about medications that work best for you based on your DNA. A simple cheek swab can reveal which medications may cause side effects or even dangerous adverse reactions — the cause of more than 100,000 deaths in the U.S. each year.

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At RM Genetics, we strive to work with health providers and facilities to help them offer personalized medical care to their patients and residents. We provide complete program management and support that allows healthcare providers the ability to offer optimal patient care with no inconveniences or added operational requirements. Our Pharmacogenomic testing programs are customized to the patient and resident treatment types and are covered by Medicare and other Health Insurance providers.