The Best Prescription Pain Relief Creams Customized for Arthritis, Neuropathy, Sports Injuries and Tendonitis

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Currently, over a third of U.S. citizens are living with either acute or chronic pain. Clearly, that’s a problem that needs to be dealt with- fast. But patients need results that work for them. They require pain relief options that work quickly, are noninvasive, and which are covered by their insurance. Fortunately for you, RM Genetics has just such the solution, which can be used to treat any and all pain conditions or scarring.

Prescription pain creams are remarkably effective, and there are a whole host of conditions which they can help with. As there are no chemicals to be absorbed into the bloodstream, they do not interfere with any other drugs you may be taken. 

Our topical creams only use FDA-approved ingredients, so you can be sure that they are completely safe to use. What’s more, we also customize them to suit your own unique needs, to deliver the best possible results. If you have private insurance with prescription benefits, then our creams are fully covered. Best of all, our prescriptions are delivered straight to your door, so no having to visit the doctor or pharmacy. If you’re suffering from acute or chronic pain, then it’s time to take action today- by sending off for our prescription pain relief cream!

Conditions Treated with Our Prescription Pain & Scar Creams

Back Pain
Epicondylitis – Tennis Elbow
Failed Back Syndrome

Neck Pain
Phantom Limb Pain
Plantar Fasciitis
Post-Surgery Pain

Sports Injuries
TMJ Disorder
Trigeminal Neuralgia


The main benefit of topical pain relief creams is that they almost entirely eliminate the vast majority of the dangerous side effects which can come from oral medications. From stomach problems and ulcers to dangerous reactions, oral medications can bring plenty of problems with them- which is why a topical treatment is the smart choice. Since there’s no blood absorption involved, and the medication doesn’t need to pass through the digestive tract, many of these side effects are completely avoided.

What’s more, topical creams work much faster than oral medications, since they don’t need to be digested before they get to work on pain and inflammation. Instead, they get to work right away- a benefit which anyone suffering from acute or chronic pain will understand. It is also impossible to develop an addiction to these creams, therefore avoiding any withdrawal effects.

With RM Partners, it’s easier than ever to get access to the pain relief that you need!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are pain creams?

Pain creams are formulas created with a base which is chosen by how efficiently the skin is able to absorb it. The base is combined with active ingredients that are beneficial to specific conditions. These may be painful conditions, such as arthritis and/or numerous other ailments, or for scarring.

What type of conditions can effectively be treated with pain creams?

Numerous conditions and disorders can be treated utilizing topical pain creams. The appearance of many types of troublesome scarring may be reduced with certain topical creams. Some painful conditions include symptoms stemming from arthritis; certain types of neuropathic pain; muscle sprains and strains; and post-operative pain.

Are topical treatments more effective than oral medications?

Many medical experts agree that topical creams have advantages over oral prescriptions. The first reason is that these creams are absorbed through the skin, which reduces many of the dangerous side effects that come with orally administered medications.

Another reason is the reduction of drug interaction problems. Topical creams do not eliminate all blood absorption and therefore do not entirely eliminate drug interaction, however they dramatically decrease the occurrence and severity. Another added benefit is that topical treatments take effect and bring relief much quicker, while having a decreased possibility of addiction.

Do topical creams have side effects?

There can be some side effects with the use of creams; however, the number and severity is greatly reduced when compared to those of oral medications. For example, one of the most annoying side effects of oral prescriptions is an upset stomach. Topical creams do not pass through the digestive tract, and therefore do not usually upset the stomach.

Another side effect is drug interaction due to blood absorption. Topical creams nearly eradicate blood stream absorption, therefore drug interaction is not as likely. This also allows some individuals to use creams with certain medications that could not be combined with others, or increase the dosage of the topical cream for efficiency.

Note:  Individuals should always seek professional medical consult before taking any medications, oral or topical. While most side effects, blood absorption, and drug interactions are dramatically reduced, these are not completely eliminated. Individuals should seek out a professional for any medical issue.

How do RM Pain services work?

Individuals who currently have prescription benefits and private insurance make a simple phone call to our expert medical professional team. We communicate and consult with the telemedicine team and evaluate your individual case. Once your specific health requirements are determined, our staff sends an e-prescription directly to the proper pharmacy. The topical cream is then shipped to the patient, as directed, at no charge.

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