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- Routine colonoscopies
- Doctor discovered polyps
- Caught early stage II before spreading
- Had surgery to remove part of his colon

"I am a lucky man! I am going to beat this thing! I am thankful to G-d for sparing my life and allowing me to be where I am right now. Life is too precious to give up.

Jim - 81 Years Old
Diagnosed with Stage II Colon Cancer

- Mother passed at 48
- Diligent about annual physicals
- Routine Mammograms
- Eats healthy & Exercises

"At age 45 I was diagnosed, but because of my mother's history, I was not completely surprised. I wasn't scared, but I was concerned"

Ellen - 45 Years Old
Diagnosed With Stage IIIA Breast Cancer

Christine has had chronic back pain since her car accident. Recently her Vicodin quit working because her body got used to it. She went to the doctor and was prescribed Oxycontin. She felt pain free the first three days. However, on the fourth day she had to leave work because she was fatigued and nauseous. Shortly after, she experienced temporary paralysis. After a Pharmacogenomics test, the doctor confirmed she was a slow metabolizer of Oxycontin and was prescribed an alternate medication.

Christine - Adverse Reaction to Oxycontin
Has Severe Back Pain

Derrick was concerned that his father and grandfather had their first heart attacks at age 45. Derrick went to his doctor and was prescribed Plavix® to treat his thrombosis. Two years later he suffered a blood clot to the lungs. The doctor did a Pharmacogenomics test that confirmed he was a rapid metabolizer of Plavix®. A test beforehand would have saved him from a life threatening blood clot.

Healthy Heart, Lifts weights regularly

Derrick - Adverse Reaction to Plavix®
Family has a history of heart problems.
The Trust Factor

We provide you everything you need to complete an easy sample collection on your own time. No more black-and-white lab results with confusing numbers. Your results are easy-to-read and include actionable insights to improve your wellness. Your results will always be available to you online via your secure  dashboard. Never worry about hounding the lab or doctor’s office for your results again.

Certified Labs
All of our laboratory partners are certified by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) and many have additional accreditations.
Rock Solid Science

Even though these tests are collected at home and often require a much smaller sample than brick-and-mortar labs, they still provide accurate, informative results.

Well-Established & Effective Collection Methods
Our partner labs are some of the same labs used by hospitals and physicians around the U.S., and they maintain the same standard of excellence as commercial labs.
Insightful Results

Our powerful results report will provide detailed information explaining exactly what your results mean, and give insights on how you can take action to improve your wellness.

Skip The Hassle
With our increasingly busy lives, save time by taking control of your health from home.
What's In Your Kit
Each kit's contents are tailored to your test, and comes with everything you need to collect and send your sample.

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of Americans are on at least one or more medications
deaths due to adverse drug reactions
is spent annually on dealing with medical issues related to adverse drug events.


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At RM Genetics, we strive to work with health providers and facilities to help them offer personalized medical care to their patients and residents. We provide complete program management and support that allows healthcare providers the ability to offer optimal patient care with no inconveniences or added operational requirements. Our Pharmacogenomic testing programs are customized to the patient and resident treatment types and are covered by Medicare and other Health Insurance providers.

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